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Fishing Beyond Your Imagination

Fishing Beyond Your Creativity

Only couple of people enjoy outside activities. Some says that outside activities can lead to lots of skin damages. They state that it is simply a waste of time and cash. Few state that it is just a matter of nothingness. But despite of these say- about of people who has no interests in outdoor activities, there are still people that engage their selves in these extremely delighting in and really soothing activities that are done outdoors.

Among these outside activities is fishing. Fishing involves capturing fishes through nets, bows, reels and etc. Fishing is one of the oldest activity and profession in the word. Fishing is done ever since the world started. Our ancestors made use of to lived in the past primarily relying in fishing and capturing other marine aquatic products.

Aside from the fact that in fishing you get food and some source of energy, it is likewise really pleasurable and relaxing. Fishing may also work as an element for diverting our interest every time we are depressed or stressed. This provides us peace of mind and freedom. Fishing may likewise offer us living. It also act as a bonding activity for your household, buddies or whatever kind of relationships you are into. So fishing gives us great deals of benefits and aid.

Fishing is readily available in every part of this world. It is a reality that the earth is composed of seventy 5 per-cent of water. It is a reality that no male in this world can deny. Fishing can be done either in seawater, fresh water or in whatever marine type.

According to statistic 40% of the  human populace rely in fishing (and this do not include people that fish as a kind of pastime). Fishing is not just for living or for human fulfillment but fishing is for a matter of survival for human beings.

Numerous locations are known for fishing just due to the fact that of the reason that practically all of the place in this round world are surrounded and located along water sources; this maybe along the sea, rivers, lakes and bays, without consisting of the springs in the mountainsides.

One of the locations that are much known for fishing is Texas, a state of America that provides chances for fishing enthusiasts and individuals that make fishing a source of living. Texas is a location of water sources; sea, lakes, rivers and bays.

In Texas, there are a great deal of bass fishing companies and clubs that offer extreme functions for fishing enthusiasts. They provide websites and place for fishing, devices and materials, gizmos, and other fishing related resources.

Texas bass fishing is not simply words that entails fishing however likewise provides extreme activities for fishing hobbyist and lovers. It provides actions that will promote fishing. Provide competitions that provide enjoyments and delights for individuals delighted in fishing. They arrange trainings and seminars for new and old fishing fans. They improve techniques and knowledge in fishing. They also offer newly found areas and websites for usual and severe fishing that no other location can give and offer.

Texas bass fishing companies likewise provides web sites that you can visit. This website offer info and updates. It likewise offers news and archives for bass fishing. In these web sites you can see the most recent gears, products and equipments regarding fishing. You can also go shopping through these web sites and discover freshly provided and cutting-edge things for fishing.

You can likewise send your short articles about your lake, bass fishing competitions, preservation problems or anything else, relevant to bass fishing, that’s on your mind. Signing up on these web sites whenever you desire is also possible.

Visiting your account connect to register, create your own individualized navigation menu of preferred areas of the sites are quite possible as you like it. Make announcements to all users online, exchange private messages with other bass fishing members and customize the appearance of the site to fit your very own individual taste may likewise be done as long as it is possible for you.

Fishing nowadays is as simple as single flick of your fingers. Fishing is just in front of you offering activities that you can never ever withstand. Texas bass fishing is not simply for you alone, however likewise for your enjoyed ones and anybody in this world. Texas bass fishing is for everybody who looks for enjoyment, relaxation and enjoyment. Texas bass fishing, words that supplies and recognizes your dreams.


Fishing Ideas To Withstand A Heat Wave

Fishing Ideas To Hold up against A Heat Wave

I reside in Texas, and during the summertime the heat can be excruciating. I enjoy fishing, but during that time of year, I can not stay out in my boat very long before I am unpleasant. Nevertheless I like fishing a lot that I usually require myself to head out at least a two or 3 weekends a month, even though it is very hot exterior. Over the previous few years I have tried to create a couple of new methods to enjoy the fishing experience without having to go out fishing throughout the heat of the day. My preferred fishing ideas to stand up to a heat wave are playing fishing games and fishing in the dark.

I have a few computer system fishing games that I like to play during the summer, because I can delight in many of the elements of fishing without needing to go out in the heat. I want to play the realistic bass fishing video games that lets you fish genuine lakes, so that I can prepare where I am going to fish when I truly see that certain lake. I also want to experiment with various lures and dead or live bait to see which types of fish tend to bite on which types of bait. All these elements of fishing video games enable me to have fun fishing without needing to be out in the heat.

Fishing in the dark is also a fantastic way to take pleasure in fishing without killing myself. Numerous of the lakes that I fish enable night fishing, but the majority of them having designated locations for night fishing, so it is more secure for all of the fishermen. It is likewise enjoyable and normally more difficult to fish in the dark, because you need to be very careful when navigating, but you can use  cool stuff: like lighted lures to attract the fish. But be careful: Fishing in the dark can be fun, but is much easier to get harmed during fishing at night. Here is a good course on Udemy about fishing  where you can learn more techniques.




A Guide To Caribbean Cruises

An Overview of Caribbean Cruises

Planning to go on a Caribbean cruise? You need to decide when you’re going and where. Continue reading for useful info to aid you make those choices.

Many individuals say that the Caribbean islands are very well taken pleasure in throughout summer season, well, maybe is not quite as it seems. Caribbean cruises during Summer are usually packed.! Full! This is when families and tour groups or even business assemblies choose to see the islands, so if you’re planning to join the pack, be sure to reserve your cruise beforehand. The typical cruise length is about seven days.

If you want to take pleasure in huge discount rates, however, then try Caribbean cruises during the fall. Rates are considerably lower (sometimes half the regular rate), and you normally do not need to wait in line for slots to free up.

When deciding between Eastern or Western Caribbean, your decision must depend upon exactly what you mean to do throughout the course of the cruise. As a general guide, you must opt for a Western Caribbean cruise if you wish to invest more time sailing (rather than going on land for other activities). Western Caribbean cruises, till 2015, start either in New Orleans, Florida or Texas then make their way to Mexico at Palaya del Carmen. Next stop is in the Caymans, then Jamaica, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica are next, amongst lots of other destinations.

If you wish to do more buying, though, then you may take pleasure in an Eastern Caribbean cruise much better. In this manner, you get to see the shopping areas and wonderful beaches of the Bahamas and Puerto Rico (among others).

If you can’t choose, it might be a great idea to purchase guide books to Caribbean cruises. Numerous books provide you terrific advice on the schedule and the cruise ship to tally with your objectives and interests.

And do not forget what you must take with you on a Caribbean Cruise!

You should not forget the bikini or bathing suit, towel and hat and sunscreen! Ladies: is also indispensable to take your Paul Mitchell Flat Iron with you and Gentlemen: do not forget your Giorgio Armani sunglasses!


Texas !! Family vacation!

Texas !! Family vacation!

My dad lives on a ranch outside of Houston. Like all homes in years, he can turn a house into home where receive family and friends. This he built an oasis in the middle of flat land.
To create this garden, and unite the various houses (the main with my father’s room and living room, two of the guests, the old barn-turned-garage, the pool and its annex with barbecue and office), he called a friend landscape architect, Roberto Cardoso, to live six months here and develop the spaces, choosing plants and teach everyone how to plant them. The result is an odd elegance and harmony! All who come here are surprised by the beauty without being able to put your finger on exactly what it is that makes them so serene.
Just look at the pictures of our first days here at the ranch!


Oil Companies on Texas

Oil companies are usual in Texas. You can find many of the world’s largest companies on texas- founded and currently has its headquarters in Texas. Although the economic recession may reduce the salary, oil companies still producing top-regularly bring in billions of dollars a year. Visit Eccos – The Ecology website that talks about the Oil reserves around the U.S, specially Texas to learn more.

Maintenance over hundred thousand employees around the world, ConocoPhillips is the third largest energy company in the United States. It participates in a number of oil industry activities, including the operation of the reservoir, 3D seismic technology and oil update. The company resides as the seventh largest holder of reserves that are not controlled by the government. The current headquarters is in Houston, Texas. The company is estimated to have assets that add up to $ 150 billion.

Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes is another Houston-based company, which operates across the globe. Manufactures various products and services that make it possible to drill.


Largest oil and gas company in the world is ExxonMobil. With a transfer history, Exxon follows the original founder of Standard Oil, JD Rockefeller. In 1911, the Supreme Court ruled that Standard Oil split into 34 different companies, one of which was vacuum oil, and later became ExxonMobil. ExxonMobil carries out oil and gas, refining, marketing and manufacturing.


Shell is another big oil company and has over hundred thousand employees around the world, operating in over 100 countries. As of 2010, the company is responsible for about two percent of the world’s oil, and three percent of the world gas per year. Shell also leads the oil companies in their research and development sector, regularly, spending more than $ 1 billion. Shell runs a transport company that was founded by Marcus Samuel in the second half of the nineteenth century. Shell is headquartered in Houston, Texas and has an estimated revenue of US $ 458.4 billion in 2008 and an income of US $ 26.5 billion.


Nightlife – Dallas Texas, USA: Bars, Nightclubs and Cafes

Nightlife – Dallas Texas, USA: Bars, Nightclubs and Cafes

The nightlife in Dallas covers much more than you can imagine, offering different entertainment options as the taste of each. Are bars, lounges, nightclubs and some with “chill out” room.

Take a look at the entertainment list and see the diversity of choices you will have to spend an amazing night. Also check the dallas nightlife website here.


If you like to have fun in a tranquil setting, hitting a relaxed chat in Dallas you will find a place to spend a splendid evening.

One is the revolving lounge Top of the Dome, with a wonderful view of the city, located in the Reunion Tower, or enjoy reading an interesting book in the serene atmosphere of the Library Bar. No matter what your choice, any of these places you It provides a quiet and relaxed night in Dallas.

• The Balcony Club (Jazz Lounge)
• Cosms’s (restaurant and bar)

•Inwood Lounge (Lounge)
• The Hotel Capri (Bar lounge style)
• Mercy Wine Bar Inc (Wine Bar)
• Library Bar at the Melrose (Bar)
• Lost Society (Lounge)
• Top of the Dome Lounge Dome (Lounge)
Bars and Gay clubs

Gay bars usually offer a vibrant nightlife and you present the best, without exception. These bars and clubs you can spend a wonderful evening enjoying a drink, dancing or just passing pleasant moments, because Dallas has a wide variety of nightclubs to suit all tastes. Spend an amazing night enjoying your favorite sport at Woody’s or dancing to the rhythm of country music at the Round-Up Saloon.

• Alexander’s (Bar)
• Barbara’s Pavillion (Bar style canteen / karaoke)
• Hidden Door (Bar cafeteria style)
• The Mining Company (Bar)
• Round-Up Saloon (Country Style Bar)
• S4 (Disco)
• Woody’s (Sports Bar)
To dance

If you are looking for a place to dance and spend pleasant hours these are the locations indicated, these clubs offer a lot of fun, drinks and a lively night. If you want an endless fun evening, head to Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar; longer if you prefer country music, we recommend you the Cowboys Red River.

• Cowboys Red River (Country Music to dance / live music)
• Kinki Lounge – it is a Disco to dance

• Plush – another Disco
• Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar – Entertainment bar
• PM: The Lounge Nightlife
• The Slip Inn -Nightclub / Bar
• Zubar -Lounge bar, similar to a Nightclub
To enjoy a few drinks

If you prefer something completely casual you can enjoy drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. Where you’ll find a great selection of environments, depending on what you want from the typical and canteens to the bars where you can taste wine. Visit any of the following:

• Barcadia (Bar)
• Dubliner (Bar-style English / Irish)
• Duke’s Original Roadhouse (Bar American style)
• The Flying Saucer (Bar-style English / Irish)
• Jack’s Backyard (Bar-style English / Irish)
• Lakewood Landing (Bar cafeteria style)
• Logan’s (Bar)
• The Londoner (Style Bar in English / Irish)
• The Old Monk (Style Bar in English / Irish)
• Sherlock’s Baker Street Pub & Grill (Bar)
• Times Ten Cellars (Wine Bar)
Exclusive places

In Dallas you can find other unique night of entertainment options. Are the luxurious bars and late nights that offer you music for dancing at a poolside bar, as the bar which is located at the Hotel Zaza, to enjoy a new concept in wine tasting and enjoy a delicious gourmet food at Cork Wine Bar . Any kind of fun you certainly wish you will find the diversity of places offering Dallas to enjoy a great nightlife.

• Candleroom
• Cork Wine Bar (Wine Bar)
• Crude – A Wine Bar (Wine Bar)
• Hotel Zaza (Pool Bar)
• Rattlesnake Bar (Hotel Bar)
• Sambuca (Live music / Restaurant)
• St Martin’s Wine Bistro


Restaurants – Dallas Texas, USA: Typical dishes and More


Restaurants – Dallas Texas, USA: Typical dishes and More

When we think of Texas soon make the association with oil and livestock.The latter derives the most typical dish offering all restaurants in Texas: the finest cuts of meat. In Dallas you can find many “steak houses” serving delicious and succulent cuts of meat that will delight your palate. Be sure to try the Mac & Cheese, including one dish served in the elegant restaurant. Only proving you can understand why this dish served in most restaurants. In Dallas, the Mac & Cheese is prepared with cheese, sour cream, shrimp or lobster, taking the oven for browning.

With the wide variety of cultures in this city, gastronomy has a special touch, the options are many and with a wide range of prices. In his trip to Dallas you will find Tex-Mex food, soul and French among many others. Without a doubt this city you will find a wide range of options that will satisfy any of your desires.

Below you will find a gastronomic tour sort by price range: You can find more here.

For Travelers Who Do not Want to Spend Much
We offer a list of restaurants for those travelers who want to spend as little as possible and enjoy a simple food. The meals in this category range from burgers until buffet of Vietnamese cuisine. If you want delicious food with low prices, these are some of the options:

• Alligator Cafe (Cajun / Creole / Seafood)
• Avila’s Mexican Restaurant (Mexican)
• Bistro B (Vietnamese / Asian fusion)
• Bubba’s Cooks Country (American Typical)
• Cowboy Chicken (Fast Food / American)
• Fuel City 2 (Convenience Store / Mexican)
• Kalachandji’s Palace & Restaurant (Vegetarian / Hindu)
• Keller’s Drive-In (burgers)
• Marie Gabrielle Restaurant (American / Delhi)
• E-Bill’s Cafe (Soul Food)
• Quesa-D-Ya’s (Tex-Mex)

• Sevan G & G Cafe (Greca / Mediterranean)
• Vietnam Restaurant (Vietnamese / Buffet)
• Selim’s Doner House (Turkish)
• Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse (BBQ)

• Tampopo Japonese Cafe (Japanese)
• Thai Tanee Cafe (Thai)
• The Taco Joint (Tex-Mex)

For the Traveller Looking For Attractive Prices
These restaurants are quality and beautiful decor and offer excellent prices. Serving a wide variety of healthy food choices that will allow you to enjoy a delicious meal.

• Ali Baba Mediterranean Grill (Middle East)
• Angelo’s Spaghetti House (Italy)
• Blue Fish (Sushi)
• eatZi’s Market & Bakery (Bakery / Restaurant)
• Gloria’s Restaurant (Tex-Mex / Salvadoran)
• Hattie’s Restaurant (Southern / American)
• Izmir Market & Deli (deli / Mediterranean)
• The Libertine Bar (American / bar / breakfast and lunch)
• Mirak (Korean)
• Namoo (Korean)
• The Porch (southern)
• No. Rise 1 (French)
• Tillman’s Roadhouse (American)
• Victor Tango’s (new kitchen / bar)
• You Chun (Korean)

For business travelers
These are some options for those who want to splurge on a good meal. You will find excellent service, beautiful decor and delicious dishes. If you want a good option to enjoy a meal accompanied by wine, here are some suggestions.

• Al Biernat’s Restaurant (steak restaurant)
• Central 214 (US)
• Chamberlain’s Steakhouse (steak restaurant)
• Cool River Cafe
• Craft (New American Cozina)
• Fedora Restaurant & Lounge (Italian)
• Five-Sixty (Asian fusion)
• Fogo de Chão (Brazilian / steakhouse)
• The Melting Pot Fondue Restaurant The (fondue)
• The Oceanaire Seafood Room (seafood)
• The Place at Perry’s (steak restaurant)
• Stephen Pyles (American)
• Tei-An (Japanese)
• Trece Mexican Kitchen + Lounge Tequila (Mexican / night)
• Victory Tavern (American)

For the Luxury Traveler
To enjoy a great dining experience, in which money is not the slightest hindrance, this is the list of restaurants suitable for you. Enjoy extraordinary service, luxurious decor and especially a great meal in these restaurants. The dishes served in these restaurants have an amazing presentation and a unique flavor.

• Abacus Restaurant (New American Cuisine)
• Aurora Maison de Cuisine (French / New American cuisine)
• Bijoux (French)
• The Capital Grille (steak restaurant)
• Charlie Palmer at the Joule (New American Cuisine)
• The French Room (French)
• Fearing’s – Ritz Carlton Dallas (new kitchen)
• Hibiscus (New American Cuisine / Seafood / Steakhouse)
• Nana (Hotel restaurant)
• Nick & Sam’s (steak restaurante)



Attractions – Dallas Texas, USA: What to Do and Where to Go

Dallas offers a range of options to enjoy the city in its entirety, take a stroll through the museums and enjoy the art, or venture into the incredible attractions for the whole family. In Dallas you can visit the Grapevine wine route and taste the most delicious wines of the region or spend a day in contact with nature in some of its lakes splendid as the Lewisville, Joe Pool and the Grapevine, which offer tourist eco activities and Recreational.

Dallas is a city with many festivals and fairs that can certainly enjoy during your visit. In Dallas you’ll find the kind of entertainment and fun are looking for. Come and meet some of its main attractions.

Arts and Culture

Dallas distills culture, especially in the Arts District that has a lot of museums, buildings with creative architecture and cultural centers. However, throughout the city are scattered interesting museums that allow you to enjoy and appreciate art and culture.

The Houston center also offers the original Tunnel System, the zoo, the aquarium, the impressive museum district, as well as the Houston Center Historic District with dozens of past century buildings.

Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

This is a major Dallas attractions. The museum has a collection of photographs, documents and objects that allow knowing the history of the life and legacy of President John F. Kennedy, who was assassinated in Dallas in November 1963. The museum, as its name implies, located on the sixth floor, where probably shot the president.

Meadows Museum

The museum takes its name from Algur Hurtle Meadows, which was an oil tycoon and art collector, and which contributed much of his collection to found this museum. The Meadows Museum has a wonderful collection of works from Spanish art from the Renaissance to modern works of art by Picasso and Juan Gris. Also find themselves works of José de Ribeira, Murillo and Velazquez.

Dallas Museum of Art

The museum is located in the Arts District and has an impressive collection of more than 23,000 works of worldwide artists such as Cézanne, Degas, Monet and Van Gogh. The museum also has rooms with items of European furniture, china and oriental rugs.

Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Another of the attractions that offers the great city of Dallas to attend a concert of the renowned Dallas Symphony Orchestra at the Meyerson Symphony Center impressive in the Arts District.

Nasher Sculpture Center

This center has a collection of more than 300 pieces of sculptures and includes works by artists such as Miró, Alexander Calder, Picasso, Rodin, Paul Gauguin and many other sculptors. The pieces of this collection are part of the collection of Ray Nasher and his wife Patsy, considered one of the most important collections of sculptures of the twentieth century in the world.

The Tramell and Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Arts

It has several exhibition rooms dedicated to the art and culture of countries like China, Japan, India and Southeast Asia where you can admire works of art, antiques and contemporary as amazing jades of the Qing dynasty. The entrance to this museum is free.

Latino Cultural Center

It opened in 2003 in order to honor the diversity of art, history and culture of Latin American communities in Dallas. The Latino Cultural Center has a gallery where works of art are displayed, a hall for lectures and workshops and patios with beautiful sculptures.

Entertainment and Fun

His visit to Dallas is complete to visit and have fun in the fabulous attractions where adults and children will live a great experience they will never forget.

Dallas Zoo

If you go to Dallas with children, be sure to visit this wonderful zoo is home to over 1,000 different species of animals, as well as a wide range of activities to spend pleasant hours with the family. Here you will enjoy a great experience and learn about the amazing wildlife.

Dallas Aquarium

Come and enjoy an unforgettable experience admiring the lush and amazing marine flora and fauna of various oceans, seas and numerous rivers in different parts of the world. The aquarium is divided into several sections, each with amazing animals such as fish, sharks, turtles, crocodiles and many more.

Dallas Arboretum

This beautiful botanical garden promotes the art, taste and knowledge for horticulture. It has numerous gardens named differently, where you can enjoy a wide variety of species of colorful flowers, bushes and trees.

Dallas Museum of Nature and Science
It has an impressive collection that includes reconstructions of dinosaurs, giant sea turtles, vertebrates and invertebrates. The museum also features a planetarium and exhibitions related to science, like physics, astronomy and robotics.

Attractions in Dallas, Texas, USA
Six Flags Over Texas

This amusement park has plenty to offer, with different attractions, rides and amazing that will make you apreciate the entertainment. Also has most of the themes for small, where you can explore, jump and play, but not the power. Also, do not miss the fabulous shows and events in this amusement park located in Arlington, about 20 minutes from downtown Dallas.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor

This is the largest water park in North Texas, a perfect place for all who love extreme adventures. Six Flags Hurricane Harbor has 26 slides, fantastic pools, trampolines, a lazy river, an impressive Tornado and exciting toboggan six-story funnel-shaped.

Ripleys Believe It or Not! Wax Museum

There are 12 galleries of strange and weird objects and also with about 200 characters of wax figures of Hollywood, television series and horror, “believe it or not.” Venture exploring the enchanted mirror with endless mazes and many other attractions to amaze you in this museum.

Lone Star Park Racetrack (Hippodrome Lone Star Park)

Enjoy an exciting racing thoroughbreds horses in this race course world class. It has closed stands, fully air-conditioned with screens so you do not miss the most exciting moments of the race.

Fair Park (Fair Park)

It is a recreational and educational complex located less than four kilometers east of downtown Dallas. With nine museums, spaces for theater performances, pond and a huge Ferris wheel, the site is considered the nation’s historic monument and is home to the Texas State Fair.

Reunion Tower

Is part of the hotel complex Hyatt Regency, and in its interior has a restaurant that turns on and off and on the third floor there is a club. His panoramic elevators lead to the observation deck on the roof, with a height of 51 floors from where you can have a complete view of the city.


Dallas has numerous vineyards that you can visit and taste all kinds of wine produced in the region. Some of the most visited ones are for example, the Delaney Vineyards, the largest in the area of ​​Meltroplex, and others like D’Vine Wine,  also Homestead Winery and  Cross Timbers Winery, that are located mainly in Grapevine Wine script.


Dallas is a city in which to practice various sports. Typical rodeos, mainly in the Metroplex area and the Cowtown Coliseum and the Mesquite Rodeo, where you can have fun with all the action from the west or even enjoy an exciting game of ice hockey a polo game or a race sailboats.

Dallas is one of the few US cities that has teams for the five major leagues, with regard to professional sports such as the Dallas Cowboys American football, the Dallas Maverick in basketball, the Dallas Stars in ice hockey, Soccer Team FC Dallas and the Texas Rangers baseball.

In Dallas you can also enjoy golf in various fields around the city, the Tour 18 which has the holes with higher degree of difficulty on the PGA tour, or some of the golf courses that are in hotels, as the recognized field Golf Four Seasons Resort.

In this dynamic and modern city in Texas, so rich in diversity, you will always find good entertainment options



Fort Worth is the sixth largest city in Texas and is located 48 km from the state capital, Dallas. The city has a population of 650 million inhabitants. We went to the Stock Yard historic district of Fort Worth. The site was created in the mid-1900s to house agricultural companies that were expanding at that time.

We visited the historic White Elephant Saloon. Created by two friends in 1884, the White Elephant Saloon, despite being a five-star restaurant offering good drinks to its customers, has played host to numerous shootings that looked like scenes of bang-bang movies. Currently, Sedan, which features a typical décor, has a huge collection of cowboy hats, it is open to visitors and consumption, and also promotes concerts daily. In addition, the site is a meeting point for bikers and admirers of super Harley Davidson.

Followed by 50 km of town to get to downtown Dallas, where we filmed and photographed the modern city and its monuments. Dallas is the second largest city in the US state of Texas, the ninth largest city and center of the most populous metropolitan area in the state.

The Square of the Pioneers “Pioneer Plaza” has the world’s largest bronze monument: Forty of Longhorn cattle breed being led by three mounted cowboys, all made of bronze, cause the feeling of being alive and in perfect motion. The square, which covers 4.2 hectares, is adjacent to the Dallas Convention Center.

We traveled for over one hundred and fifty kilometers to we sleep in Wichita, already in the state of Kansas.

More about Dallas at


Vacation – Dallas Texas, USA: Information For Your Travel

Dallas is located in the state of Texas and its metropolitan area is the largest in the state. It is a modern city with a lot of high-tech and telecommunications industries. The Dallas International Airport – Fort Worth is the third busiest in the world and is also the largest in the state of Texas, operating 134 domestic destinations and 37 international.

Skyscrapers, business, art, sophisticated shopping, culture, entertainment, western history and monuments that show the myths of “cowboys” Texans characterize this multifaceted city. Dallas is the perfect choice for an enjoyable holiday, business trip and shopping.


Dallas is a city with a great diversity in all its aspects has slowly been growing with a mix of cultures, religions and lifestyles that merged to enrich this important city, giving rise to a cultural city. What is reflected in the arts, in its monuments and historic buildings, the festivals and the variety of cuisine.

Metroplex is the name that Dallas residents gave the state’s northern region that is formed by the metropolitan area of ​​Dallas, Fort Worth, along with other suburbs of North Texas region. Dallas is divided into several districts and has more than 12 districts which in turn have their own history, providing a wide range of culture, arts, shopping center, restaurants, places of entertainment and fun.

Some of the districts that stand out in the entertainment district in Dallas are: the Fair Park, Dallas Arts District, also Deep Ellum, Greenville Avenue, Main Street, Knox-Henderson, West Village, Uptown, West End, the Bishop Arts District, Oaklawn, Mockingbird Station.

Dallas, despite all financial crises, stands out for being a leading city in business center and a financial center of Southeast Texas region. It also has the largest wholesale market in the world, the Dallas Market Center, which every year hosts more than 50 trade fairs that attract more than 50,000 visitors worldwide. Dallas has the necessary infrastructure for holding conventions.


Dallas was inhabited by Caddos, a group of Native American tribes that lived in the sixteenth century part of what is now East Texas, just west of Louisiana and parts of Arkansas and Oklahoma. In that same century, the Spanish claimed the Dallas territory as part of the “Viceroyalty of New Spain” until 1821, when Mexico declares itself independent of Spain and the area becomes a part of the state of Coahuila and Texas. Later, in 1836 the state of Texas is proclaimed independent and is then formed the Republic of Texas.

In 1841, Dallas was founded by lawyer and businessman John Neely Bryan, who planned the city to be a business center between the Amerindians and the pioneers. Around the year 1870 with the construction of the railway, Dallas becomes a thriving business city and the wholesale market, which attracted large numbers of immigrants of different nationalities as French, German, British and Swiss to conduct business in this fruitful city. In 1846, Dallas joins the US territory, creating the Dallas County and in 1850, Dallas is declared the capital of the County.

Dallas has its historical importance in the United States. That’s when the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, in the city center, in Dealey Plaza on November 22, 1963, while conducting a political visit to the state of Texas.


The area of ​​the Metroplex in Dallas, as well as having all kinds of attractions and restaurants of different styles of food, is also known as the “Silicon Valley” (Texas Silicon Valley) by gathering around 5700 companies, mainly industries automotive technology and telecommunications as Nortel, AT & T, Nokia, Ericcson and Fujitsu, among others. Many department stores have their main offices in this important area of ​​Dallas, like Neiman Marcus and JC Penney, just as the restaurant brands like Chili’s and Pizza Hut; you can also find the headquarters of cosmetics companies as Mary Kay, and other companies…

When it was discovered in 1930 in Dallas Southeast, the East Texas oil field giant, this city becomes an important center of the oil industry. Emerging important companies related to this industry, as major US company Exxon Mobile, whose activities are exploration, development and marketing of products from petroleum, such as natural gas, and also the manufacture of chemical and plastic products. Dallas is also home to countless companies and companies engaged in research and processing of oil and oil products.

All these companies produce a wide range of jobs and opportunities not only for those who live in Dallas, but for everyone, and make this city a great place to visit and for business or vacation.


In Dallas, some skyscrapers have their monuments in squares depicting the life of the West, with their horses and “cowboys” that contrast with the modernity of large buildings, such as William Square. Imposing mirrored buildings serve as big companies offices and major convention centers that are present throughout the city.

Among the most imposing buildings stands out the Bank of America Plaza, the tallest of Dallas and houses the main offices of the bank, recognized by design your green silhouette in the evenings. The Renaissance Tower is the second tallest skyscraper and is home to the main offices of Blockbuster; this building has appeared in television series such as the successful series Dallas. The third largest building is the Comerica Bank Tower. Other beautiful buildings you should visit are: Fountain Place, the JPMorgan, Chase Tower; W Dallas Victory Hotel, home to many of the young millionaires city; Reunion Tower, is one of the main attractions of Dallas, has 50 floors and another three in the spherical part of which the first is a viewpoint to enjoy an amazing view of the city and Fort Worth. On the second floor there is a restaurant and a bar in the third, both establishments on a turntable.

In addition to the skyscrapers that stand out in the city, Dallas also has areas with predominantly buildings of old warehouses, especially in the West End district, whose architecture features red tile facades and which today are used by businesses, bars and restaurants.